Not all heroes wear capes. When chaos ensues and stability is threatened, who comes to the rescue? Every story has someone who saves the day. Perhaps it’s a knight, a warrior, or a superhuman with special powers. I was always partial to the fairy godmother, who fixed everything with a wave of her magic wand. In the blink of an eye, Cinderella had a new dress, a horse drawn carriage and a fancy pair of glass slippers.

So basically, she put together an outfit and organized transportation. I do that every morning, along with making breakfast and packing lunches, all without the bibbity bobbity boo. And most days, I do it with ease, because that’s how my mom did it and her mother before that and I learned from the best. I witnessed these incredible women address the challenges of an ever-evolving role, with class and sometimes with a little help. Because sometimes, even heroes need rescuing.

Cinderella stole the show and the fairy godmother was all but forgotten. It was the fairy godmother that gave Cinderella the ability to believe in herself, to become the princess she was destined to be. And she didn’t do it alone, she had the help of a few mice, a bit of music and a sizeable pumpkin. And that’s what we moms do. We work behind the scenes, often unnoticed and underappreciated, to make the magic happen. We do it honestly and respectfully, to raise tiny humans to be their finest. It is an immeasurable responsibility.

The greatest super power is to empower. To arm mothers with the knowledge and confidence to face the chaos and uncertainties of motherhood. To have the humility to reach for a helping hand when they need it. To write their own happy endings. To be the heroes of their own stories.